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Branding for Local Government. The State Government recently announced the largest local government reform in a hundred years. It will involve significant change across local government through boundary adjustments and amalgamations. The new local government structures will be established by July 2015 having significant implications branding during the change management process.

Each local government has its own unique situation and requires its own unique approach. However, branding is much more than a name and a logo, but a vision, a sense of common purpose and a story that needs to be communicated and engaged by in particular with the internal teams who are going to make it happen. Planning is also critical in managing the change process successfully.

Brand One has significant and proven experience to assist in the facilitation and change management that will support local governments through the amalgamation process and in the delivery of these changes by July 2015.

  • Brand Transition: We can offer change facilitation to take people on the journey process to engage both internal stakeholders or stakeholders associated merging councils depending on the situation. We have deep and practical experience through managing brands through 150+mergers.
  • Brand Development: For local governments amalgamating, this happens after all the hard work of the transition process has been done. This may be a strategic opportunity to shift brand perception. This is a strength of Brand One and where we can assist with clear strategies, targeted key messages and campaigns.
  • Brand Implementation: We can work with you through the delivery of your creative and design requirements as well as the complex task of implementation across all mediums and channels.


WA Local Government Amalgamation Brand Transition Checklist

WA Local Government Amalgamation Brand Development Checklist

For further information, download our Capability Statement

Purpose built, experienced WALGA – Local Government Amalgamations team

At Brand One, we purpose build teams to meet our clients’ requirements. Each team is led by a senior Account Director always providing strategic direction and over-sight.

WALGA Contacts

Maryanne Fernando, Managing Director

Scott Campbell, Creative Director

Office Ph: (08) 9225 5000

Delivering a clear message to the community

Design, copy writing, layout, print and digital – a cost effective service

At Brand One, we understand that an Annual Report of a local government entity not only serves as a compliance document but also as an important vehicle for presenting to community stakeholders policy, service achievements, plans and milestones. Designed, structured and presented well, this document can be an engaging medium to get local government key messages across to the community.

Brand One is a WALGA Preferred Supplier. Residing on the preapproved supplier panel for brand strategy, design and creative, we offer cost savings, compliance, and the opportunity to bypass tenders.

We have the experience in designing highly quality reports that convey the right messages to your stakeholders. As communications and investor relations strategists, we understand the value of key messaging to stakeholders. We add value through our strategic advice and deep experience, combining this with creative design and innovative media. Read more on the design and print; and digital packages available.

Contact Ayla Smith, your specialist WALGA representative to get the most cost effective packages – we’re happy to help.

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