Manufacturing Company FMCG

Global Branding, Merger & Acquisitions.


The company is a global company operating in over 30 countries and with 70+ sites, 16,000+ employees.

Critical Issues

The company had gone through an aggressive and deliberate global strategy of 100+ acquisitions and mergers. There were multiple brands and mixed identities and cultures, the employees in a state of uncertainly, the market and clients unclear as to the new market position or capabilities.


To build the company as one cohesive and united business, with consistency in branding and marketing strategy to leverage its new global capabilities to become a true international business partner.


A staged approached was taken.

  1. Established Business Direction (aligned to business strategy)
  2. Gap Study & Requirements Analysis
  3. Integrated & Staged Strategic Marketing Strategy & HR Plan:
  • Cultural Development – Employee Engagement
  • Built internal capabilities backed with processes & systems: CRM, intra/extra/internet, collaboration tools, communications platforms, HR systems, QA systems, etc
  • Integrated stakeholder communications, PR and media campaign.


  • As the capabilities of the business grew, the Marketing messages were aligned
  • The business was in a position to deliver on its brand promise
  • The reputation maintained and developed
  • The people contributed to the success and were authentically aligned.

Three Year Sales & Marketing Plan + New Brand Identity + Engaged Culture & Values.
Backed by full suite of sales & marketing collateral + PR and media plan + new website and online marketing strategy.