Mining Company – resource sector

Brand Repositioning Globally, Preparation for IPO.

The client is a clear market leader in Australia. Business strategy was to grow globally in strategically targeted continents. Company was going to IPO.

Critical Issues
The brand identity was dated. Market perception mixed. Media and investor market relations not developed. Vision, mission and company values not articulated. Ad hoc marketing and communications externally and internally.

To develop an integrated marketing & communications strategy annually to achieve the targeted growth strategy globally and prepare for public listing with an optimised market perception.


Consolidated Brand Identity + Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategy = Market Penetration + Engaged Culture & Values + Share Equity

Backed by a full suite of sales & marketing collateral + style guide + media plan + new website and online strategy addressing both the external and internal audiences.


Brand clarity. Shift in market perception. Clear global positioning. Clarity of culture providing the ability to recruit to culture and clear behavioural guidelines.