Start Up – New Business, Retail

Market Feasibility Studies, Financial Modelling,
Business & Marketing Plan.


A retail idea was borne between two individuals in Perth. The idea was excellent however guidance in market research and a feasibility study that translated into financials was required.

Critical Issues

To provide financial confidence in the business idea.


To translate the idea to a tangible product with a full brand identity. To produce a business and marketing plan that not only help attain finance but was a blueprint in building the business.


The following steps were taken:

  1. Financial Modelling including full pricing analysis, sales forecasts and operational costs for 3 years
  2. Brand Visualisation process including look and feel, identity, personality, values, logos and other collateral developed
  3. Business and Marketing Strategies built with details calendar of activities linked to budgets
  4. Business Launch.


Three Year Business & Marketing Plan + Full Brand Identity.
Backed by full suite of sales & marketing collateral + PR and media plan + website.