State Government and Corporate Sponsor.

Program Brand Awareness and Community Engagement

State Government initiative, backed by major corporate sponsorship launched a major state-wide program to improve long term literacy rates. Multiple stakeholders in state and local government, sponsors, communities and schools. Target audience is state-wide, parents, grandparents and carers.

Critical Issues
Success of the program depended on the engagement a diverse group of stakeholders with different agendas and objectives. There was a need to demonstrate results to maintain budgets and sponsorships. The overarching issue is poor literacy levels in the state.

To reach 85,000 families per year and extend the program to different product areas. Build clarity and consistency in the brand positioning and key messages. Extend awareness of the program to targeted audiences. Increase participation and engagement. Build positive perceptions and support for the program, its sponsors and the Government.

A comprehensive strategy development process was undertaken with a cross section of stakeholders to formulate a marketing plan to achieve the program’s objective across the state.

Stakeholder Engagement + Marketing Strategy + Consumer Campaign = Clear Brand Position + Increased Awareness + Program Uptake

A low cost and high return strategy was deployed. The campaign was launched through a major community event, backed by social media and PR. A new website, tools and collateral were built to help promote and educate the community. This was backed by local promotions, targeted PR and advertising.

Successful launch, excellent feedback from stakeholders and sponsors. Program awareness and uptake increased, brand clearly repositioned with clear messages to the community. This all supports the overarching objective of the program which is to improve the level of literacy in the community and increase perception on the value of the program at a community level.