Delivering a strong message to investors

It’s a competitive market – stand out from the crowd

An Annual Report is more than a compliance document. Designed well and presented in the right format, annual reports are an important way to present company milestones, as well as highlight your company’s unique culture. The best annual reports engage stakeholders, getting your key messages across and helping to build confidence. Changes in technology, regulatory requirements and audience behaviour are revolutionising the way annual reports are communicated:

Consider different formats for your report that complement the traditional annual report.

An Annual Review for example, can be a great marketing and communications document, providing a summary of the highlights, strategies, key messages and financials in a visual and easily understood way. This can take the form of a summary document or an interactive digital file or web page.

Consider digital as printing and distribution can be expensive. Digital is not only more cost effective, it’s highly engaging, and in line with best practice. “Why go digital?”:

  1. It’s resource effective saving on print and distribution costs
  2. It’s environmentally more friendly, reducing your carbon footprint
  3. It’s interactive and more engaging. It’s a great medium for helping the reader navigate through your content with links and click throughs, pop-ups and even video
  4. It recognises the exponential growth in shareholders and investors using the internet as a preferred source for investor communication
  5. It’s more easily accessible; anywhere, anytime through multiple devices
  6. It aids analytics intelligence, helping you to better understand your audience. Unlike a paper copy, every single PDF or piece of digital content can be tracked using analytics.

Today, we are seeing a trend to not only produce paper based reports, but the increasingly popular preference for digital versions. This means there is an opportunity to combine great design with clever and cost effective digital tools.


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