Facebook is changing its algorithms, which will impact the type and order of content it displays in users’ News Feeds. You may have seen some news last week through an announcement from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg about the changes it is making its News Feed. Essentially, it’s re-focusing on posts from family, friends and groups, and will be showing less content from brands, companies and publishers.  What we expect to see are that posts from companies will still be shown – but Facebook will prioritise those Company posts that it deems as high value i.e. those that are timely, relevant, newsworthy and highly engaging.  

Zuckerberg cites “a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being” as justification for the change, admitting that businesses are going to have to work harder than ever to gain their customers’ attention on the platform -not to mention spend more on advertising.

The impact on Company pages will vary dependent on the strategies currently used by each marketer.  We know that it’s going to be more challenging than ever for brands to be seen on Facebook organically and we as marketers will have to step up and provide valid content. However, the up-side is that all of this should ultimately improve advertising clicks – a move to “more meaningful interactions between people” will make the user more actively engaged, which in turn will drive more interactions with advertising.

As an agency, we are putting together some initial strategies (in the context of the over-arching social and digital strategy) to ensure Facebook remains a valuable platform for connecting with stakeholders. What we’ve been doing as part of our social strategies is on the money – well planned and structured content which is timely, relevant, newsworthy and engaging.  However, we have to step up even more and look to additional initiatives such as video content, advertising, forums and discussions and brand ambassadors, as well as looking at other areas that are emerging or growing, all along the way assessing quantity vs quality.

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