Google Masterclass 2016

Google recently held an event for members of their Google Partners program to learn some insights about upcoming and existing AdWords and Google Analytics products and meet fellow advertising professionals. Our Creative and Digital Director Scott Campbell attended a packed Masterclass at the Greenhouse at Olympic Park.

Two things most people were taking about during the break;

Seeing real world data that supports the recent white papers and industry assumptions that for non-branded queries, you can get more clicks on your organic results when a paid AD is also visible …
and that while Google’s new ETAs (Expanded Text Ads – which will become the standard text ad offering from Google in October) will dramatically increase your CTR (click through rate) the CPC (cost per click) will also increase. As the excellent speaker Nick Iyengar suggested “it’s best to steer into conflict” on these sensitive topics.

We will be sharing more insights from the Google Partners program shortly.

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