Lights, Camera, Action for Brand One Group!

At Brand One Group we love travelling on a journey with our clients from brand inception through to growth phase. This inevitably includes new product ranges as market demand and fashion styles change. Last week was no different as we directed a photoshoot for our client Daisy Pool Covers’ new under bench pool roller range.

It was a perfect sunny autumn day at Buccaneer Pools, Jandakot as our Creative Director (and pro photographer) Scott set up his gear and started snapping away wide angles, close ups and everything in between. Our client’s new contemporary range of options looked spectacular alongside the sparkling pools. We look forward to the new range being featured on Daisy’s website, collateral and in your local pool stores very soon.

So if your business is starting out or feel your brand could do with some high quality new photography get in touch. First impressions last and we want to ensure your product or service is enticing from first glance!

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