We take a disciplined approach ensuring that key objectives are met.

Brand One has worked extensively in creating effective promotions and successful events. Using a disciplined approach, we will purpose build teams to create and run events and promotions targeted to meet specific objectives.


Whether an event is to celebrate a milestone, launch a new product, generate publicity, or to create lifestyle or tourism destinations, Brand One can assist in co-ordinating every facet of an event.

We can:

  • Organise all logistics such as the venue, catering, invitations, name tags and giveaways
  • Source speakers and create presentations
  • Create run sheets to ensure everything is executed on schedule
  • Organise media and media packs if necessary
  • Provided full budgetary management.

 Promotions & Sponsorships

As a Marketing Agency, we will create promotions integrated with campaigns creating a push/pull effect to drive traffic to specific targets, create lead generation and as an incentive to a call to action.

We will also use sponsorships effectively looking for alignment to the business objectives and delivering a return on investment.

We are passionate about integrated marketing and advertising campaigns and will leverage the strengths of both below and above-the-line mediums strategically to achieve targets.

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