Micro-moments – where retail marketers need to be

The impact of mobile technology

Mobile has changed everything. Consumers engage with brands a lot more spontaneously i.e. only when they need to. Google has termed this as ‘micro-moments’, which in essence as explained by Google’s head of marketing Lucinda Barlow, are those times when consumers need something then and there.

How do we not only keep up with this but win business leveraging this?

Mobile technology is a critical channel for engagement.

Did you know that?

  • 72% of consumers spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices
  • 75% do their product research on their mobiles and
  • 44% of mobile users sleep with their phones next to their bed!

Recognising this, last April’s edition of the Brand One newsletter, we mentioned that Google announced that mobile usability will be a major ranking signal throughout mobile search results.

“Even with all the technology spurting forth from numerous companies’ orifices every which way, it has never been more important for marketers to get closer to real life,” Barlow said.

Her comments were made during the digital disruption event – Daze of Disruption –  in Sydney, where she explained what the mobile shift has created in the media landscape.

“I want to buy, I want to go, I want to see,” she said. This is where brands can pop themselves into the conversation to be the first one out the gate. The early bird catches the worm and all that”.

Using an example of her personal life, Barlow took the audience through her quest to find a Pilates class when she returned from an overseas jaunt. Asking Google for a Pilates class and her day and time preferences, one brand popped up which looked plausible.

Clicking through to the site, albeit not a mobile optimised site, quipped Barlow, the option was right for her need at that point in time. Done and dusted. It’s an example of how brands need to be in that moment, in that micro-moment, to win the business!

“For marketers, it’s critical to be there in these spontaneous micro-moments,” she added, “because these are the moments where decisions are being made and preferences are being shared.”

Some great tips here!