Our Digital Experience.

The following selection of case studies showcases both Brand One and Bang Online’s experience, relevant to this expression of interest.



The Delstrat Group, a private company, is one of Perth’s largest groups of home builders.
The Group had three brands in its portfolio:

  • Affordable Living Homes – First home buyer market
  • Broadway Homes – Second buyer, two-storey homes and
  • Seacrest Homes: High end custom homes.


Marketing and advertising was not strategically planned. The brands did not have a clear brand identity or market position. Creative needed improving and sales materials required attention.

Critical requirements included the need to:

  • Identify key target markets for each of the brands
  • Build clear market positioning
  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive sales enquiries; aid conversions.


On appointment, Brand One embarked on clearly segmenting the market in the Perth metropolitan area, identifying strong commercial positions for each of the brands.

  • Market positions were clearly articulated based on demographics and geography
  • A clear market position for each brand accordingly, each with a unique sales proposition and point of difference.
    1. Affordable Living: We embarked on a strategy that was the first to go to market selling new homes as an affordable replacement to rental
    2. Ideal Homes: Launch of a new brand to fill an identified gap in the marketplace which was in the large home area, at near to first home buyer prices
    3. Broadway Homes: The brand was elevated to reflect its position to appeal to the second and third home market
    4. Seacrest Homes: This brand was elevated in terms of its image to present it as a prestigious custom home builder.
  • New creative was developed to uplift its new image.
  • Key brand messages were identified for each brand that resonated with the target audience
  • Integrated press, TV, radio, outdoor/signage and PR campaigns were developed to build brand awareness and drive sales enquires leveraging the key brand messages for each brand
  • Built / refurbished all websites
  • Cohesive digital campaigns including SEO, online advertising, Adwords campaigns, and social media were integrated with media and promotional campaigns
  • Promotions developed to drive enquiries and call to action
  • Full media plan development and managed
  • Development of sales tools and collateral to assist with conversations. This included flyers and brochures, referral incentives, home files, signage
  • Annual marketing budget managed.


  • Clear market position for each brand with solid marketing strategies in place
  • Annual marketing and media plans in place
  • Growth in terms of actualised sales volumes for each of the four brands
  • Record sales performances achieved in tough property market
  • Achieve a conversion to lead rate of
    1. 5.59% for Affordable Homes
    2. 3.42% for Ideal Homes
    3. 1.62% for Broadway Homes.

Achieve monthly website visitor volumes as follows:

  • 31,590 for Affordable Living Homes
  • 15,403 for Ideal Homes
  • 5,557 for Broadway Homes



Islands is a luxury apartment complex located in South Fremantle. Developed by Stockland, Australia’s largest diversified property developer, Islands is selling its final number of oceanfront apartments and beach houses.


Brand One was charged with implementing a significant design change to the website for Islands Apartments.

The existing website, which had been designed and developed by Brand One, required a refresh to complement a new retail campaign that was due to commence just three days out from when Brand One was briefed. The retail campaign included a state-wide TV campaign, advertisements in metro newspapers and digital advertising and was developed as a final push to move the remaining apartments and beachhouses. Stockland urgently required the Islands website be updated to integrate with the campaign, which had been developed by their creative agency Groves & Groves. When Stockland came to Brand One they were not hopeful that the website changes could be completed in time.

In addition to the time pressure, it was identified that the supplied website designs did not work within the website’s existing framework, navigation and back-end. To modify the designs to suit the existing site, or to rebuild what was a customised site to work with the designs, would have required significant studio time and a probable failure to meet the deadline.

Brand One established that in order to meet the ambitious timeframe, the most cost and time-effective solution was to build an entirely new website within the WordPress content management system (CMS). This decision was communicated to the client and it was mutually agreed to proceed with this course. With Brand One’s focus on service excellence, the team worked far beyond normal working times to ensure that delivery was made.


Upon receiving the brief from Stockland, the Brand One Islands team reviewed the current website to determine what changes could be made within the requested timeframe. It was at this point determined that the supplied designs did not fit within the existing website template and that time would not allow the site or designs to be modified in order to meet the campaign start date. The only course of action was a rebuild of the website to meet the design framework; however a rebuild of this level would normally require two to three weeks, not three days.

With a high service ethos and a commitment to our clients, Brand One undertook the task to deliver a new WordPress CMS website within the 3 days we had to meet the campaign start date.

The following steps were undertaken to deliver the new website by the deadline:

  • Wednesday 6 March
    1. Stockland briefed Brand One to refresh the existing website
    2. Brand One identified the most achievable solution was to build a new website in WordPress
    3. A quote was prepared and sent to Stockland for approval
    4. Brand One liaised with both Stockland and Groves & Groves, the incumbent creative agency, to obtain the PSD files and updated content
    5. The designated Brand One website developer commenced build
  • Thursday 7 March
    1. Final assets were collated
    2. Website build continued and content population commenced
  • Friday 8 March
    1. Content population completed
    2. QA and testing undertaken by Brand One
    3. Site delivered to the client for review/approval
    4. Final testing undertaken by Brand One
    5. New website pushed live by close of business
  • Sunday 9 March
    1. Above the line retail campaign commenced


The new WordPress-built website was completed and tested in time for the launch of the new retail campaign, exceeding the client’s expectation.



Premiere Homes is a boutique builder. Established in 2005, the business was formed with the clear objective of delivering exceptional quality new homes at reasonable prices through a seamless process.

Their vision is to change the experience of the home building process to one that is enjoyable, both during and after the process. As a privately owned, independent builder, the Directors of the business wanted to deliver a level of personal service and commitment that made a difference to their clients.


In early 2011, Brand One was appointed to assist the business in repositioning its brand in the Western Australian market to compete against more aggressively marketed new home builders. As a boutique company, the budget was and remains limited. Brand One’s mandate was to identify a clear point of difference for the business and its product offering to ensure that the growth objectives for the business were achieved in a pragmatic manner. Brand One was also awarded responsibility for the creative execution and full production management of the Premiere Homes campaign and marketing collateral requirements.


Premiere Homes is managed by two Directors. The long-term strategy for the business was to double the turnover in terms of the homes built. The targeted audience is the general Western Australian public who were looking to build a new home.

Stage 1: Strategy Development – Desktop Research

Brand One undertook desktop research and also applied our experience to break down the key target markets, clearly determine profiles of the target market/s and identify trends to be considered in the strategy.

A questionnaire was forwarded independently to the Directors and key managers for input into strategy.

Stage 2: Strategy Development – Stakeholder Workshop

Brand One took a consultative approach that engaged the Directors and one key manager, channelling input to ensure clarity on a united and agreed direction. A workshop was facilitated by Brand One to identify and articulate:

  • Key commercial targets
  • Identify and prioritise products and service offering that can be taken to market that were strategically aligned to market trends
  • Articulate the market positioning for the business and its point of difference (POD)
  • Define the corporate brand identity in terms of its visual presentation, personality and tone
  • Segment the market breaking the targeted audience according to priority and weightings
  • Define and profile the targeted audiences.

Key messages to market were then articulated including a new tagline and market position. Strategic initiatives were drafted and agreed to, along with priorities and timelines.

Stage 3: Strategy Implementation and Management

Based on the results and outcomes defined through the research and stakeholder workshop and meetings, key marketing initiatives were developed taking the program through to today. Detailed media/campaign budgets with clearly-defined strategic stages and activity timings were drafted for approval.

The result was a multi-layered launch strategy for the business that was delivered very cost-effectively and successfully to market against aggressive competition with significantly higher budgets.

A niche position was built for the business with a clear point of difference set.

Stage 5: Detailed description of product and services provided.

A new brand identity launched to market:
The brand was revitalised visually to reposition the business as a boutique high quality, professionally-supported brand. The logo was redesigned and new secondary brand elements and visuals created. All collateral identified was redesigned to present a consistent brand presentation to market.



Within two months, the campaign was set to relaunch the brand and build awareness using a number of medium including digital, press and outdoor (buses).
A media calendar was built to manage costs and control.
The POD was leveraged around ‘100% positive testimonial rate’ from all past clients. This clearly set them apart as a builder, reflecting their integrity, quality of work and service.
This campaign has consistently remained until today (2 years later), sending a clear and consistent message to the market. A consistent and clear message has also resulted in cost savings in terms of marketing and sales.

Website and Digital Development

The brand and marketing strategy provided clear design and key messaging direction. With a clear understanding of the targeted audiences and the user journey, a new state-of-the-art website was purpose-built to deliver on not only the calls to action required, but also provided a solid resource center for business development.


The overarching objective was to build a brand and market position that is not only sustainable for the business but will provide a solid foundation for its targeted growth.
The sales and marketing plan then set the activities required to achieve the targeted annual growth.

Key achievements include:

  • A website that not only presented the brand, product and services to market effectively but is a strong sales and resource tool helping them to build new business
  • Revitalised collateral with cost-effective templates for internal management
  • Independence for the business that once the tool sets were in place, the dependency on Brand One was reduced thus delivering further efficiencies.

Social Media
Facebook: facebook.com/RedinkHomes


Redink Homes is an award-winning home builder, with eight service awards being allocated over the 5 year period Redink has been in business. Redink Homes’ target market is aged between 25-54, with a skew towards females as key decision makers. Redink customers are 2nd, 3rd or 4th home buyers, with only 10% of Redink customers being first home buyers.


The search market is currently flooded with home builders competing for the same keywords. A marketing mix strategy was therefore required to gain “cut-through” in an otherwise flooded market.

The key objectives for the client:

  • Increase brand awareness to remain consistently top of mind for potential customers
  • Assist with the decision making process for the end consumer
  • Increase online/phone leads.


Bang Online was appointed to develop the following strategies for Redink Homes:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy
  • Facebook marketing strategy incorporating Facebook page design and competition activity to grow likers
  • Facebook promoted post strategy to drive exposure for the competition
  • Pinterest strategy to increase exposure of Redink’s home designs (interiors/exteriors)
  • Email marketing activity to support the Facebook competition.


  • Increased Facebook likers from 89 to 369 in less than a month (314.60% growth)
  • Increased the reach of Facebook activity by 393.72%
  • Increased the exposure to friends of fans by 30.11%
  • Increased organic traffic through SEO to the site to 63.06% of the overall site traffic
  • Achieved open rates of 30.84% for email marketing campaigns



The Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy is a call to action. It aims to transform attitudes regarding suicide and suicidal behavior, representing a guide for policies and services to better meet the needs of people at risk. One Life currently has two strategies in place to drive pledges to the Suicide Prevention initiative; working with communities and workplace initiatives.


The primary objective for One Life is to increase the amount of corporate pledge partners by June 2013. The challenge for One Life is that they had a limited amount of staff to achieve this, therefore were seeking an online marketing strategy to support this communication on a large level, quickly and effectively. We have a 3 month period to achieve these objectives (period April to June 2013).

The additional challenge was the sensitive nature of the topic; therefore traditional paid marketing and social media activities were not appropriate for this medium.


Bang Online completed a full strategy review to determine the most appropriate and effective way to meet the key objectives for the client, quickly. The following activities were completed:

  • Drive awareness: Email marketing campaigns to the current pledge partners, potential pledge partners and those who had not had previous contact to date
  • Development of landing pages to capture pledge partner sign ups, event sign ups, and appointment bookings to reduce administration processing time
  • Conversion review of the current website and implementation of improvements to increase engagement of current website visitors
  • Social media policy documentation to provide risk assessment and scenario planning across social media platforms. At this point it was agreed that the sensitive nature of the content did not allow a Facebook strategy to be deployed
  • LinkedIn page development and strategies to engage with the corporate market
  • Video development and distribution to the channel.


  • Increased visitors to the site by 288.54% in the first month
  • 31.7% increase in pledge partners, with a total of 220 pledge partners to date, and more joining every week
  • Achieved open rates of 25.7% across email campaign activity

One Life’s Video Production

Bang Online developed a video for One Life (WA Suicide Prevention Strategy) with the objective of driving pledge partners. This video needed to communicate the relatively complex message of the One Life initiative. You can view the video below.