Once upon a brand

How well do you tell your own brand story? Your brand story begins from the moment a customer hears your name for the first time, sees your logo, visits your website, reads your about page and experiences your interactions on social media.

These are all crucial platforms which help build a complete picture of your brand. Not to mention peer reviews – online and offline – happen most often when we’re not listening and your customer is telling a friend how your product or service changed their life.

Not all brands realise the importance of unearthing their core story and learning to tell stories in ways that attract and engage new fans and motivate advocates.

These days custom content is 92% more effective than traditional TV advertising at increasing awareness and 168% more powerful at driving a purchase preference. Given the average reader’s attention span is only 15 seconds, stories and storytelling play a major role in content marketing, now more than ever.

Not yet convinced? Here are seven reasons why stories are important for branded content; they:

  1. Produce experiences – it’s not (all) about you. Content must provide entertainment, education or utility. Stop focusing on what you want to say and start listening to what your audiences want to talk about.
  2. Reveal what makes your message unique – be authentic, be transparent and true to your story.
  3. Create an emotional connection between you and your customers – create an impression and inspire.
  4. Shape information into meaning – be the expert and add value to people’s lives. Make sure the content is clear and relevant.
  5. Can motivate audiences towards your goal – expect results – storytelling can be a powerful and effective part of the marketing mix which helps to achieve business goals. Make sure your approach to storytelling is strategic, disciplined and connected to real KPI’s.
  6. Are more likely to be shared – be social at the core.
  7. Are less likely to be resisted – your brand image is influenced by multiple sources so make it count!

It’s your job to give your customers a story to tell

While there’s no one path to success, putting a story at the heart of your marketing is your best shot at a happy ending.

Make it our job to work with you to communicate your essence, craft your brand identity and shape perceptions that will reflect your brand most effectively. We can explore your brand’s mission and vision, identify the attitudes and beliefs that shape your brand’s culture. Contact us today at info@brand-one.com.au


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