Targeted business development armed with the right sales tools can assist in higher conversions.

At Brand One, we believe that marketing and branding should provide the foundation for business growth in terms of reputation and market positioning with clear key messaging to targeted markets including the industries we work in, the right level of audience and geographical areas.

Strategically, we can assist with:

  • Building the company’s market position and value proposition
  • Establishing a clear and valuable point of difference (Unique Selling Position)
  • Segmentation of the target markets
  • Articulating the key brand messages to the targeted markets
  • Identifying key strategic issues and opportunities
  • Building the brand, product and service architecture based on business objectives and target segments.

Sales Collateral

We are advocates that the Marketing function should deliver the support services and tools to assist with business development.

With clarity of where we need to target for profitable growth, we can help by providing advisory, creative and production of sales tools to assist in business development.

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