You only get one chance to win a bid.

When submitting a response to a tender or proposal, it is important that it looks the part.

  • Brand aligned – looks like your company should
  • Professional – everything is perfect from proof reading, consistency in tone and styling throughout the document, professionally written copy and strong visuals
  • Quality document whether it is printed or is digitally submitted. We can ensure it is professionally printed or can also be innovative including digital interaction, awesome diagrams.

Excellent templates save time and ensure consistency

As specialist writers, designers and production managers, we build well designed and programmed templates that not only take the repetitive work out of each submission but ensure consistency throughout the company.

  • Standard designs including covers, internal pages, diagrams and tables
  • Strong copy such as the company overview, capabilities, processes and values
  • Templates that may include PowerPoint and Word master templates.

We can also assist in loading these templates in cloud based environments or local servers, and provide advisory on document control.

View our gallery to see samples of our work.