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Meet someone, listen to what they have to say, then … Google them!

The internet is now one of the key ways people connect altering every stage of the traditional communications process.

The power is with the customer now. It used to be with the company so we must challenge the old way of thinking when we want to engage the consumer, a potential employee or client. Traditional communication processes don’t apply to the digital media channels so what can we do to capitalise on this fast paced, innovative and highly agile medium?

Find the company online, research them, search for validation … all in real time.

In today’s world, people don’t just want to be told information. They seek confirmation and will offer honest opinions. Marketing is a two way communication process. It’s about engagement.

As marketing strategists, the team at Brand One will look at both traditional and digital communications’ mediums holistically. We will not only use the most appropriate mediums to communicate to targeted audiences but will build strategies that interlink them forming closed loops to gain maximum impact and results.

We will build effective websites from a sales and marketing perspective, ensuring that it is optimised for search engines, build engaging and collaborative campaigns through social media and bring in business through online marketing and enewsletters. We will integrate this with traditional media such as TV, radio or press advertising for brand building and lead generation.

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