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In today’s business world, digital literacy is as important as financial literacy.

Strategy is important in every function of business. Digital should be no different.

As with all strategies, Brand One firmly believes that its key purpose is to achieve the business objectives. Whether it is branding, market positioning, new business development, operational efficiencies, recruitment, engagement of staff or all of the above, not surprisingly the digital space touches all of this.

As digital strategists, our approach involves creating an integrated marketing plan based around your business goals. Your business strategies determine which digital assets and channels can be best used as part of the marketing and communication strategy.

Brand One will purpose-build a team of advisory and tactical specialists with specific industry and market knowledge to build integrated, collaborative and engaging digital strategies.

We will work with you to:

  • Conduct the right research that will work in your industry
  • Explore tangible options
  • Determine the right mix of digital media
  • Develop risk management strategies to protect the business and its reputation
  • Implement, monitor, report and update

It’s not one person’s job

We can leverage the digital mediums to assist every department. Cloud based software, big data, social media, collaboration tools and learning management systems as just examples of cost effective, highly measurable tools that assist every organisation.

For every Director

As much as financial literacy is important for every Director, and that we expect our senior management teams to be able to understand budgets and deliver ROIs, so must our management teams and boards be expected to have a degree of digital literacy.

Suffice to say, we would expect a CEO or a Director to be able to read a P&L or Balance Sheet and not leave it up to the CFO. So too should we have an understanding and respect of the impact for what the digital space has for our companies.

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