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Today, traditional communications processes do not apply.

The power is with the consumer now, not the company. People don’t want to be told things; they’re in charge. As Marketers, the consumer decides if they will skim your ad or not, read your brochure or respond to a job.

We have to become more agile with the ability to conduct real time, two way dialogues with our customers, employees and investors.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a company Facebook or LinkedIn page, but it does mean you need to:

  • monitor
  • listen and
  • most importantly respond in a timely and appropriate fashion

Just because you don’t have a social media presence, doesn’t mean you’re not on it. It just means you don’t want to manage it.

But it’s all good news as this media is extremely cost effective so that both large and small businesses can see great returns from it. This is providing you have risk management processes in place. With social media, you have to plan for ‘Murphy’s Law’ as accidents, incidents and complaints will happen.

Social media and collaboration tools enable engagement and collaboration both internally and externally.

Your whole workforce can be engaged in real time collaboration so that every team member has a voice. Likewise, you can have real time feedback on your projects, products and services.

How we work?

At Brand One, our social media strategies are designed with a specific purpose and target audience.

  • We know that not every social medium will work for the business. We work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that will support the business objectives, not detract from them
  • We will build a strategy that creates a two way dialogue with internal staff, media, investors and customers
  • We can track and manage the strategy on an on-going basis providing the resources as an outsourced Marketing Department.
  • Establishing policies and integrated crisis communications plans to protect your brand

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