Businesses are more likely to be successful if there is a clear and united sense of direction.

Under a clear brand strategy, the internal brand is defined by the company’s vision and mission and brought to life by its values. The execution creates its culture.

Having a strong sense of identity provides purpose, guides behaviour and strengthens market presence.

It underpins the performance of products and services offered and helps deliver on the brand promise. It is only when the internal brand is aligned to the external brand positioning that companies have a long term and sustainable market positioning.

Our work includes:

  • Mission and vision: We clarify strategically-aligned visions and missions for businesses and assist in engaging the workforce
  • Values: We help articulate and engage values across the organisation
  • Retention strategies: We will engage with employees through the best mix of media including:
    • Employee programs: Such as values based awards eg Employee of the Year, events, incentives and other campaigns
    • Social media: We can build and engage staff dispersed globally
    • Newsletters & company magazines: We build, interview, write, design and disperse newsletters ensuring key cultural and value-based messages are embedded in stories.
  • Recruitment marketing: We will build integrated campaigns using traditional channels and digital strategies to reach the right talent.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Building united cultures
  • Aggressive global recruitment campaigns
  • Established communications schedules with staff
  • We have worked closely with both marketing and HR departments and built great organisations, large and small.

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