Your whole workforce can be engaged in real time collaboration so that every team member has a voice.

In today’s world, we have a great opportunity to be more agile with the ability to conduct in-place, real-time communications that can deliver us instant feedback to determine the sentiment of our employees.


  • A workforce that doesn’t come to an office every day
  • An issue that arose in different offices or stores around the world
  • An unwanted post on social media.

Engaging with social media

Many companies have a part of their workforce that never come into an office like some of do – mining, O&G, construction, even retail companies to name a few. How do we engage them in our culture and messages?

The team at Brand One has successfully deployed social media and collaboration tools to communicate and engage workforces and even their friends and families in companies world-wide.

We back this with risk management policies, procedures, training and most importantly, strategy.

The power of internal collaboration

Your whole workforce can be engaged in real time collaboration to raise issues, resolve them, share innovative ideas and more!

Employees can now access information and work from any device, anywhere in the world. Cloud based tools and internet technology provides cost effective and highly efficient tools.

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