A commitment to creating strategic competitive advantage.

The team at Brand One has consulting expertise in over 40 countries and across a broad range of industries, and with businesses both large and small.

We have worked in new, developing, merged and acquired businesses. We have assisted companies in:

  • Elevating their brands to maximise share equity or in preparation for IPO
  • Building a market position for business development, leveraging competitive advantages
  • Negotiating in new markets, and with clients and suppliers
  • Implementing strategies to build a united business, globally and across divisions.

We believe in the value of good business planning that will deliver the business objectives. 

To achieve this, we recommend that we work with you and your teams to understand your business and objectives, the market you operate in, your customers (existing and potential) and competitors.

Customised Approach

Our customised approach combines market and business insight with close collaboration at all levels to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations and secure long term results.

Strategic Workshops

Brand One will work with key stakeholders of the business to identify key strategic proprieties, issues and opportunities. We apply proven processes to ensure key deliverables are met.

We can support your business through the development of:

Business Plans

We can facilitate the business planning process to take your business into the future. We believe that business plans should be practical, with clear action plans that are straightforward and sustainable for a business to use as a blueprint.

We can assist in:

  • Defining and articulating business requirements
  • Conducting market research
  • Developing company mission, vision and values
  • Workshop facilitation and stakeholder engagement
  • Project management and implementation.

Sales and Marketing Plans

Integral to achieving the business objectives is the sales & marketing plan. At Brand One, we believe that a sales and marketing strategy must deliver the business objectives. It should be strategic in that every activity has a clear role and objective to achieve.

Our plans have:

We can assist with:

  • Strategic branding, build a brand architecture based on business objectives and target segments
  • Identify and articulate a brand identity that is internally and externally aligned to the company’s vision and business objectives
  • Market segmentation
  • Market positioning
  • Implementation and full outsourced Marketing support.

We are committed to creating strategic, competitive advantage by building capabilities and powerful brands.
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