Brand building pays off.

A business’ name is its brand and identity.  Externally, it helps secure business and builds company value.  Internally, it attracts and retains people and provides clarity in direction.

Brands are as critical an asset as your people and equipment.

One Business. One Brand.

We build effective corporate identities and brand strategies to achieve the business objectives.

We believe in the value of brand integrity and the critical importance of aligning the external brand positioning with the internal brand and business culture. Any alternative risks reputational harm.


We can assist with:

  • Market positioning for business development, investors, IPO
  • Market segmentation and articulating the target audiences
  • Brand architecture based on the business objectives and market segmentation
  • Building brand identities and articulating its personality and image
  • Identifying the key brand messages to the targeted markets
  • Stakeholder engagement, internal branding and communications.

We have a track record in positioning businesses for sale, IPO and M&A’s, leveraging specialist Public and Investor Relations. We have helped build united businesses, bringing gaps and silos to build a common and cohesive culture.

Successful marketing is both internal and external, with the internal frameworks supporting the delivery of authentic and sustainable branding.


We can assist at every stage in the development of a brand and its identity:

  • Design of logos, stationery and other marketing collateral
  • Style guides
  • Brand execution across all internal and external mediums including websites, advertising, public relations, and collateral such as signage, corporate livery, stationery, vehicles and uniforms.

With experience in building brands globally and across a diverse range of industries, Brand One can help shift your business identity. Click here to view our portfolio of brand identities.