Market Research reduces risk, providing a solid foundation for decisions.

Brand One is a strategic research agency. We have access to teams of highly skilled, senior qualitative and quantitative researchers who focus on providing customer and employee insights and strategic advice for our clients.

Our objective is to help our clients to fully understand their markets and targeted audiences and mitigate risk. We achieve this through our technical expertise and consulting experience, supported by high quality interviewing, data collection, analytical and reporting resources.

We offer a customised approach for every project, recommending the best methodology, clearly articulating the outcomes required from which to base decisions.

Our approach to information gathering may involve a combination of methods including:

  • Desktop market research collecting facts from documented sources
  • Qualitative research including focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Quantitative research including online, telephone and face-to-face surveys.

Tools and analysis include:

  • Market and behavioural trending
  • Focus Groups
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitor analysis and market mapping
  • Modeling and cross tabulation
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee surveys.

We help our clients to make informed decisions.

Market research assists in:

  • Increasing customer, staff and stakeholder satisfaction by identifying satisfaction drivers
  • Improving stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Developing more long term decisions through needs analysis, community consultations and evaluation services
  • Increasing the effectiveness of brand positioning, messages and communications
  • Making informed decisions by providing key stakeholder information and analysis.

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