The Sharing Economy – Views from CCI and Uber

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have experienced huge success after tapping into the ‘sharing economy’. According the CCI-WA, the sharing economy value in Australia is worth $15 billion or $55 billion in the last five years.

Our Managing Director, Maryanne Fernando and Creative Director, Scott Campbell attended the CCI-WA presentation with David Rohrsheim, General Manager, Uber Australia and New Zealand and Rick Newnham, Chief Economist, CCI as they outlined their thoughts on the next chapter of the sharing economy.

When you consider that the value of Uber outstrips any other car company or Airbnb any hotel chain, we need to consider what our own business models will look like in the future. David Rohrsheim talked about how as consumers, the trust is shifting away from regulators to the digital space. Consumers are trusting peer reviews, so do we really need laminated licences to proof that we’re using a trusted service with a trusted driver?

At Brand One, we’re working with some industry innovators and potentially disruptors. We believe in staying ahead of the trend and that the pace of change has accelerated. We love to chat more on this so feel free to share your views.

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